Software Infrastructure Engineer 软件架构工程师

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This position is based in Northern Europe, mostly in three biggest cities of Sweden, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo.

There are many IT related positions vacant, e.g. software developer, front-end software engineer, software infrastructure engineer, software embedded engineer, Android developer etc. See other positions of us or contact us for more information.


1. 在本领域具备5年以上工作经验,至少熟练掌握一门编程语言;

2. 具备英语交流能力,尤其是口语能够表达自己(但不需要托福、雅思这类成绩证明);

3. 年龄在60周岁以下,性别不限,学历不限(但必须具备编程工作能力),无犯罪记录。


As a Software Infrastructure Engineer, you will integrate in-housed developed software applications, be involved in software releases as well as maintenance and development work of build environment and quality assurance tools.

Main responsibilities:

● Integrate software applications

● Maintain and develop build environment infrastructure

● Refine, scale, and automate the software deployment pipeline

● Modify and develop quality assurance tools and other tools used

● Standardize and automate the setup of production and development environments

● Implement/improve current application monitoring system

● Discuss technical solutions with suppliers (internally/ externally)

● Support technical investigations and task force activities

Required qualifications:

● Experience with Python, Shell Script, C/C++, Golang

● Experience with source control tools such as git (and corresponding services like GitHub or GitLab)

● Familiarity with Docker and container orchestration tools (e.g. Kubernetes, ECS, GKE, Docker Swarm)

● Knowledge/experience with automated provisioning tools (e.g., Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt)

● Fluent communication in English

Meritorious qualifications:

● Experience from software integration, design and development

● Experience with formal software development processes, such as Kanban and Scrum

● Experience with TDD, BDD

● Knowledge of cloud infrastructure architecture and deployment strategies

Personal qualities:

● Strong committed to develop world class products with high precision

● Structured with good documentation and communication skills

● Self-driven and reliable

● Result- and business oriented

● Strong team player with persistence

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